Fine Art Nudes

        A selection of my most recent Fine Art Nudes with Gregory Brown, working from his Battersea studio in London

        nyra xolani actress dancer nyra xolani black dancer nyra xolani black actress
        nyra xolani model actress nyra xolani gregory brown nyra xolani black model
        nyra xolani model actress nyra xolani black dancer nyra xolani black dancer

        Bronze Sculpture Artwork

        Working with the Artist and Sculpture Nicholas Boxall in Oxford, UK
        Life casting for bronze scuplture artwork
        The life-size piece is a stunning representation of myself and is called Afro Girl
        More work from Nicholas can be seen on his website

        nyra xolani bronze sculpture

        nyra xolani bronze sculpture


        A 3 day location photoshoot on the Cornwall coastline for Photo Frenetic shot by Mike Crawley See more of Mike’s work at

        Working From Home

        Working from my home studio in North London with Gerry P. collaboratively creating classic Artistic nude silhouettes. A few words from the photographer on the shoot: “Nyra is a specialist art nude and figure model who has a well defined figure ideally suited to the genre. She is very helpful on the shoot and can provide a huge amount of guidance and support where needed. In addition to her modelling experience, her expertise behind the camera and her general artistic interests will bring that added degree of punch to your pictures. If you have a serious idea that will make the most of her skills and interest her, you will be rewarded with an excellent shoot.” Feburary 2010

        Simon Richardson

        Dance and Movement Photoshoot with Simon Richardson in Bedford See more of Simon’s energetic dance photography on his website

        Recreating 3D in B&W

        Renowned sculptor and 3D model-maker Ken Clarke extends his repertoire to photography create striking high-contrast Black and White images with Nyra as his muse. Ken’s background is in film, with a portfolio of work in classic motion pictures such as Indiana Jones, Casino Royale and Alice in Wonderland. More of Ken’s work can be seen on    

        The Art of Paul John Ballard

        Having worked with oil painter and pin-up artist Paul John Ballard on several occassions, Nyra is featured in his latest book publication, The Art of Paul John Ballard. Purchase at

        Live Life Casting at Erotica

        With Nyra as his model, Sculptor Ken Clarke demonstrates a live body casting session to the Erotica audience on the artist stage

        Immortalized by Ken Clarke

        The UK’s foremost Body sculpture and life-caster Ken Clarke had first shown interest in working with Nyra back in 2007 but was finally able to pin down a session with the ever so keen model. Together they produced a life-size reclining body cast. Nyra said of the experience “I have waited quite a while for this, and seeing myself in 3D form with such accurate detail and life-like texture was a bit surreal.” The piece pictured below, was completed in time for the annual exhibition of Erotica 2009 where it went on display in the art gallery. Ken Clarke had this to say about working with Nyra.

        “Here is a model that knows her way around both sides of the camera. Nyra has an athletic form, is creative and is any artist’s dream that studies ‘the curve.’ She has done sittings for me and I look forward to our next commission together.As a person she is very professional and punctual, a young entrepreneur with a business head who I personally feel is going places, fast. I see her running an agency by the time she is 30 if not sooner! I am very thankful for her enthusiasm as it keeps me young and alive.”

        Ken Clarke, December 2009
        Sculptor and founding member of The Guild of Erotic Artists

        Figurative Bronze Sculptures

        For the second time in 2009, Nyra collaborates with renowned artist Paul John Ballard on his new commission for figurative bronze sculptures. Working at Nyra’s warehouse studio. Both Model and Artist were very productive and achieved stunning results due for the life-size and miniature sculptures. Paul said of Nyra ” I found her a real pleasure to work with, very professional, great input and an excellent model. I look forward to working with her again.” To purchase any of Nyra’s artworks below, visit Paul’s online store